Dr Marcas MacDomhnaill was recently the winner of the Munster Sensitive Dentist of the Year at the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist Awards 2015. Marcas was nominated by his patient, Bernadette Kennedy, for his kindness and attentiveness in treating her after two separate diagnoses of cancer resulted in her losing most of her teeth, and for his tireless charity work in Chernobyl. The Awards, sponsored by Oral Care GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Sensodyne toothpaste, invite patients to nominate their dentist if they believe that they have gone above and beyond normal patient care.

Ms Kennedy said: “Dr MacDomhnaill was always there for me and was always ready to help even when he was not on duty. His kindness goes beyond my story, as he tirelessly fundraises and spends time every year working in Chernobyl, providing treatment to those in need. His kindness has touched my life and made me a much more confident person”.

Dr MacDomhnaill said he was “honoured and delighted to receive the award, which highlights the importance of the dentist–patient relationship built on respect for each individual patient and puts the patient first”.